Cat Talk

As someone who has spent many hours confiding in her cat, Julia is happy to see that cats can also confide in one another.

Do you talk to your cat or dog (or other pet)? Do your pets talk to you or to one another?

  1. OMG this is adorable cute! And for sure I am talking with my cat and she also talks to me. But her communications is silent, she just let me know what she wants. And because I hear it, there is no need for her to MIAU. But I have to say she really has a strong willpower and focus.

    • This video is totally cute!!! My cat only miaows when I forgot to give her food and I’m completely absorbed with something else and don’t respond to her telepathy or even her little pets with her paw on my leg to get my attention. She makes these purring sounds when I play with her and this is when she regards me as her cat buddy. I just realized that – that is so cute!

  2. my twinkle toes is a standard poodle whose one of my oldest friends really…. i would take him everywhere i would go, he and i were inseparable. we learned to mind stream; he would know exactly what i needed from him within a nano second of my thought. but he is older now so our walks are shorter and his sleep is longer. he is fading. our relationship, like all relationships, has changed. he remains one of my dearest friends and in another life we will meet again.

  3. I love watching videos with cats – thank you for this one! Actually I don’t have a pet, but when my cat lived, I talked to him and he did it also. Sometimes there was one looking from the eyes and I knew, what he want. cats are my favorite pets.

  4. Thank you! this movie is so lovely..I love cats and when I come home for examle I am looking first for my cat Mia and when we see us she talks to me and I talk to her, or when I leave, she make a Miauu good bye…


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