Quantum Quirks

John likes to imagine how the tiniest parts of the universe work behind the scenes. Which is why he likes watching Dr. Quantum demonstrate the mysterious ways in which matter behaves on the quantum level.

What do you think of the idea of the observer affecting the observed?

  1. Wow this is mind-blowing!!!

    • Yes, this is mind-blowing!! watching this video at one point I got so confused….To accept this truth that the observer affects the observed brings a lot of responsibility with it. How do I want to have my reality? Do I like my reality or not? And if I don’t like it, I’m not a victim of it because I’m the observer of it and affected it. That means I’m responsible for it…and ego doesn’t like responsibility…

  2. totally mind opening. i watched twice and it got me wondering…if matter, like a you and a me, are constantly giving off waves but we can’t see them cause they collapse by our observational nature, then we are in constant communication, wave-streaming, and just don’t know it….so i see how this is a responsibility too. don’t want anyone catching a bad wave.

    • I totally believe this is true and I love that you make the connection to how much responsibility this carries!!!
      on the positive: someones bad might just be cancelled out by my good 🙂 or if not at least its vibration will be heightened – of course at the cost of my vibration getting lower but what the heck! I know there is a universe of good people out there and YOU are one of them and they all send out good vibes and so I don’t have to worry… my vibration will be back up in no time – or I could just meditate of course…


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