The Wonders of Earth

Julia’s mom, Elizabeth, dreams of making a difference in the world. Which is why she started a company that develops and implements environmentally friendly sources of energy. Here’s something she finds inspiring and energizing, especially after a long day:

What is your dream? What inspires you?

  1. This video touches my heart deeply and I could cry that we humans are destroying our Mother Earth instead of being grateful for all the beauty and care she offers so generous. My dream is to stop this awful behavior at root of the cause – the human greed.

  2. My dream is to help people to heal themselves and by healing themselves heal their environment and by that .our planet. Thank you for this video. It’s deeply touching

  3. I agree with Elizabeth, this is an inspiring and rejuvenating video. felt like flying just watching it. now there’s a dream…. defying gravity….. unlimited by our minds…. what fun!!

  4. wowww…. to see our beautiful Mother Earth in this video touched me very deeply. My dream is to contribute healing Mother Earth to be a better place – for us all. The more we are, the more we can contribute in healing ourselves and our prescious planet.

    I’m very glad and thankful, that we can do this together! cutting the root of greed – helping people to heal themselves – contributing to heal Mother Earth.


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