Northern Lights

The only thing John can imagine might be more beautiful than this is seeing it in person! And no, it’s not special effects–it’s The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), recorded just this month in Norway.

What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in nature?

  1. The most beautiful thing I’ve seen in nature was in Hawaii when I was skin-diving and saw this beautiful underwater world with these brilliant colors: the corals and the fish and the ‘flying’ by of the rays.

    • the most beautiful thing in nature that I have seen range on a list from 1 to 10 and is actually constantly changing…. one thing that stays is however also an experience I had on Hawaii under water… I was scuba diving and a humpback whale cow and her calf were breaching on top if me and then coming down maybe 20 feet away from me. that was WOW! thankfully I was holding on to the anchor line of the boat for my decompression otherwise I might have totally gone down with them due to the enormous water displacement… but as you can read nothing bad happened and I still remember being eye to eye with a WHALE!!!

  2. I love nature and had so many beautiful moments and it is very hard to chose one. I also agree with Aurelia it is constantly changing. But one memory showed up just by reading and I am very happy because I already forgot about this magical moment. As a teenager I was at the lake of Balaton with my parents and my sister. The sun was going down and me, my sister and my father had been in the water. In front of us the sun with its orange rays tinted the surface of the lake in a shimmering gold and the full moon on the opposite side colored the lake in a silver colored light. It looked so wonderful in the sky – I never saw a full moon and the sun at the same time opposite to each other – but just were stood both of these lights merged into a spectacle of light. The atmosphere was incredible, magical! Thanks for bringing this memory and the feeling of this memory back into my life!


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