Cedarwood Ridge and Beyond

KELLIE LARSON: Julia’s BFF in the big city is a down-to-earth, no-nonsense girl, and a loyal friend. Kellie’s somewhat insecure about her looks and social standing, especially in comparison to her got-it-all-together friend Julia.

“Down-to-earth has nothing to do with it. It’s just that there has to be more,” said Kellie, struggling to put into words what was no more than a vague feeling inside of her. “Don’t you ever think about why we’re here and what’s it all about?

ELIZABETH LIVINGSTON: Julia’s mom is an independent modern woman who broke away from the small-town-society world of her disapproving mother to live in the big city, where she started a corporation that develops and implements environmentally friendly sources of energy. Her lifeʼs dream is to make a difference.

SARAH FREEMAN: John’s mother is a writer of childrenʼs books and a stay-at-home mom. She is gentle and kind and totally dotes on her son in a healthy way.

AMELIA LIVINGSTON: Julia’s grandmother and mistress of Fragrant Meadows, the Livingston family estate, is a well-liked member of her community. Amelia looks like a picture- book grandmother, complete with coiffed white curls, starched apron, and smells of lavender sachets, vanilla beans, and chocolate. Recently widowed and very lonely, she is happy to have Julia around, though she is also very much at odds with Julia’s mother.

Elizabeth felt great relief to be unmarried. She never wanted to get married anyway, nor did she ever want to be a mother. All she wanted for herself was to make a difference in the world. But this kind of passion was lost on a mother whose whole sense of self climaxed in putting on a clean apron, baking cookies and keeping house.

SAM LIVINGSTON: Juliaʼs dead grandfather, who is at risk to become the resident ghost of Fragrant Meadows, was a kind and gentle man with great interest in all things supernatural. He was and in many ways still is Johnʼs mentor.

TOM FREEMAN: John’s dad has degrees in genetics and biochemistry, and specializes in molecular biology of plants. He loves the idea that on the smallest scale everything looks pretty much the same. Though he is away a lot on business, he is always emotionally available to his family.

PETER BANES: Julia’s dad, who is divorced from Julia’s mom, now lives on the other side of the country with his pregnant girlfriend Claire and her three-year-old daughter Fiona.

BOB BROWNE: Cedarwood Ridgeʼs sheriff is a rock of trust and strength for the people in his community. When all goes wrong, Bob Browne is ready to come and fix it.

TED “BIG BOY” HANSON: Now Bob Browne’s deputy sheriff, Ted dated Elizabeth in high school and was quarterback of the school football team.

TWINKLE TOES: Juliaʼs big gray cat is her confidante and emotional support when no one else is looking.


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About The Journeys of John and Julia

Secretly guided by a magical collective of superbeings called The Twenty-Two, a pair of teens crack open the door to another reality—and unwittingly awaken the sleeping beast of their nemesis-to-be, the beyond evil Niem Vidalgo Oten.

Parents, Teachers and Librarians

Perfect for children age 10 and up, for teens, and for adults of all ages. There is no violence in this book, and there are many profound life lessons for kids, adults, and parents.

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