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Avi Fanfiction


this is a special invitation to participate in creating the John and Julia universe. If you are interested, send me a story (no longer than a page long) about Theodore Cliffton’s, aka Avi’s, adventures. Avi is an Adventurer, a young looking man and usually dressed in uniquely patterned colorful shirts, khaki shorts, sturdy hiking boots, and a safari hat. He is so easily distracted that he can barely finish a sentence without getting sidetracked. His personal assessment of it is “… and whenever I hear myself talking I am so intrigued as every statement evokes a million questions waiting to be investigated ….” However, if he silently enjoys his experiences he gets totally consumed, like children do when they play. He keeps his friends flexible by forcing them to quickly follow his fast mind. He rules curiosity, spontaneity and fearlessness. His special gift is the ability to become everyone/everything he gets in contact with and so know everyone/everything inside out.

The story should reflect his special abilities and can be set in the past, the future, the present, anywhere on earth or another universe. The story may be edited for appropriateness and by submitting it becomes intellectual property of John and Julia, LLC.
hope to hear from you soon


It happened like this: I was falling falling falling in a rush of exhilaration / whoosh in the stomach / fear, but the good kind as if you are cresting the top of the track of the highest rollercoaster in the world and you know you’re about to drop but you don’t know if it’s a straight down or a twist or an upside-down loop de loop. And suddenly boom! I was on my back on the ground– not hard it’s never hard when I land, and I sat up and smiled and there it was: a shimmering, pulsating orb. Iridescent greens, blues, purples shivering across its surface.

I reached out a hand towards it, and all at once the inside of the orb resolved itself in my vision, and I saw a castle, but not a man-made castle, one that looked as if it were fashioned of sea coral, red and orange and vermilion and gold, with thousands of trumpeting turrets topped by floating gossamer flags. I longed to roam the ramparts of that castle, and this time I touched the surface of the orb in hopes I would gain entry to it and thus the castle. And all at once the world was red and orange and vermilion and gold, but I could not see a castle in all those colors.

But look—another orb, seemingly identical to the first one. I ran to it until I could take its full measure, nearly twice as tall as I, shimmering its iridescent colors. Again I looked closer, and again there was a castle inside, a seemingly underwater kingdom of red and orange and vermilion and gold, its thousands of flags waving at me, beckoning me closer. Would I be allowed to enter this one? And with that thought I was inside the orb, but as before surrounded by the colors rather than the form of a castle, and again what caught my eye was an glimmering orb…

A rapidly thundering bellow shook the ground beneath my feet, and all the world was sound, vibrating the very bones in my frame, rattling the teeth in my head, wrenching me from that red and orange and vermilion and gold world with its beckoning orb after orb after orb.

My hands felt soft grass beneath me; above me the white-gold rays of the sun pierced abundant clouds on brilliant blue. The thundering bellow resolved itself into a pleasing, familiar call. Something tickled my face, and I turned to see the liquid brown eyes of my faithful dog. It was he who had barked and brought me back to my present state. I laughed as his wet tongue tickled my cheek, thanked him and blessed him for his summons. For suddenly I recalled what had catapulted me into the world of orbs within orbs within orbs: a fleeting thought as I’d watched an ant observing a drop of dew and wondered what it would feel like to be that small, or even smaller… and it’s a good thing indeed that my dog recalled me from that state, for I couldn’t very well feed him if I were smaller than an atom, could I?


It was on a sunny cloudless day on some beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean when Avi met his first pirate. The colorful appearance with the red bandana, one missing leg and a wooden stick instead immeditately catched his attention.

„Who are you! I love your wooden stick! It makes a great knocking sound when you walk. Where did you get it.“

The pirate, looking at him with a dangerous expression on his face like he wanted to have Avi for lunch, grumbled something into his beard and kept walking.

Avi – not impressed by the depreciative pirate at all – followed him and with a warm hearted smile he introduced himself to the pirate by lifting his hat. „My name is Theodore Cliffton. But you can call me Avi like my friends do and I’m from all over the world. I came here because I heard that some serious treasure hunting happens here in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve never done it before and I want to get to know all about it. What’s a treasure anyhow? Did you ever find one. Can you teach me how to hunt a treasure? That would be awsome….and by the way…“ –

„Shut up!“ the pirate said with a freezing dark voice. „Are you out of your mind to talk to me like that? I’m the famous Red Pirate from the Seven Seas and nobody ever dared to talk to me like that before – only if he wants to loose….“ –

„Wow!!!! The seven seas. Where are they? Is this ocean one of the seven seas? Can you tell me where the other six are?“

The face of the pirate turned red and now with a terribly scary undertone he said to Avi „You are supposed to be afraid of me! I lost my leg by fighting a sea monster of the size of ten times my ship!“-

„Wow, a sea monster, I’ve never seen one. Where did you meet it?“

Seduced by Avi’s curiosity the Red Pirate calmed down. „A few years ago when I was with my ship on my way to Treasure Island were a huge treasure is said to be hidden I ‚met’ one. There was a huge thunderstorm and I almost lost all of my men when this unbelievable huge creature came out of the water and snapped my leg…“-

„Please stay still!“ Avi whispered with wide open eyes coming slowly closer to the Red Pirate „don’t make a move and stop talking…“-

„What the hell is going on!“ the pirate said not at all calm anymore.

Avi started jumping around the Pirate and with pure excitement he exclaimed „Wow, look at this huge blue-green Butterfly. Isn’t it beautiful“. Following the Butterfly – away from the pirate – Avi lifted his hat „Bye Red Pirate, I have to find out where and how this Butterfly lives and if there are more of them! It’s been really nice meeting you. Wish you a great day!“

Shocked and puzzled the Red Pirate stood still for a long time, not able to say a word. ‚I was about to tell this guy the greatest adventure ever and he runs away chasing a Butterfly???’ his ego complained ‚Maybe he is hunting a treasure’ some wise voice inside of him said after a while. ‚Which in a way would be kind of an adventure then…’ his ego started to realize.


Avi travels with his i-phone attached to his belt in his leather case. not because he needs it for communication as his mind is strong enough to reach whomever where ever and whenever he is inclined to reach someone and he’s capable of being reached in the same manner. A thought sent his way can wake him from a deep investigation. therefore he carries an i phone for the joy of texting as he loves the sensory experience of hitting the keys and choosing his favorite icons.

Like his phone that he carries for pure joy and play, he also takes great pleasure in driving through the woods in his jeep exploring the many mysteries of the smallest but highly valued life forms. today on February 29th, he was mumbling to himself ” in our current millennium 2100,2200,2300,2500,2600,2700,2900,and 3000 would not be leap years, given they are divisible by 100 and 400 therefore if i were to find a gift in these woods for my young nephew who is born today that would…..” and before he could finish his thought he went in great haste to pull his iphone from it’s leather case…..three j’s, the first being a capital followed by two lower case and the octopus icon from emoji. the text would appear to have been sent from his phone to a buddy but Avi did not send the text….. a simple maro….a clever friend was calling him …. he smirked and knew he would not be called in this way for no reason…..he acts with swift and deliberate intention.

His car became an inconvenience and he ditched it in the woods. He would return for his favorite jeep when he was through with what he intuited was an exciting mission. Within a nano second Avi appeared in the nuclear generator room of a military US sub marine, he estimated they were submerged somewhere between 1000 and 1200 feet. He’s mind them started in usual Avi fashhion and he begins to mumble “Sound navigation and ranging also known as sonar. right now this sub is using active sonar transmmiting sound into the water and listening to how long it takes to to bounce off another objects such as ship or a…. if i were to install sonar into my jeep how long would….”

Avi is interrupted by the emergence of his buddy who placed the original call with that clever text. Avi lets him know that although the text was clever he had already received the mindstream minutes before, but it was cute. Avi recognized his friend, Riky Ander was serious in his request for assistance, no time for games. But why did he text Jjj? John and Julia mission was just complete or so he thought.

Riky knew what Avi was thinking and immediately responded, “Avi you know the butterfly theory”. Avi smiled, “so we have a butterfly.” Riky’s eyes were filled with water and he said “this one is breaking my heart.”

Avi knew his friend to be compassionate but had never seen him this emotional so he listened deeply. After what seemed like hours of talk to Avi, who is use to the nano seconds of mindstream, riky had completed his emotional process and his mind was clear again. Riky handed Avi a russian uniform. They made their way to the upper quadrant of the submarine where 10 Russian Navel Scientists where studying sound waves like detectives examining a crime scene. Avi was ideal for the mission, with his naturally curiosity and fluent russian he inquired of his fellow scientists “what do you think you heard.” They had located the USS Scorpion, thought to be lost May 27th, 1968.

Avi and riky made contact, they had to redirect the officers like passive sonar bouncing back the scientists intention with a new twist. Avi needed something to divert the scientist from the stock pile of uranium also known as the USS Scorpion. With the power of a thousand generations, Avi pointed his mind and summoned the brightest minds. the gang appeared in moments; long-beaked, short-beaked, common, dusky and the infamous bottlenose. they came in droves. it was a wonder even for Avi to see such an enthusiastic response from his dolphin friends. In unison hoards of dolphins began an aggressive sonar AKA echolocation attack. the scientists were overwhelmed. even an advanced sonar system designed to listen and discern man-made noises from other ships and submarines as well as the natural sounds of creatures such as dolphins, porpoises, whales and shrimp, could not tell what was what. With a little nudge from Avi the dolphins created such a sonar raucous that it was with great ease that Avi redirected the scientist miles from the USS Scorpion’s original location. crisis adverted.

Avi was pleased to see Riky relax “If the russian scientist where to enter that USS Scorpion it would not only change the course of John and Julia’s life but the entire world would…. I can’t imagine….if they were to find that the the USS Scorpion was not the uranium rich source they imagined but home to a group of …….omg and it’s feb 29th so the vortex would be in full force…. and then if you were a second later …. and if heir kaiser were to know …..”

As riky started to worry about a past that never happened…. Avi interrupted “I’m wondering if i can hang out a few more days, I’d be curious to see how I can install echolocation in my jeep?”

riky laughed….


Inside this studio was a large green screen, the kind you see on movie sets in the movies. Large professional cameras, camera men, directors and studio executives. Our weary traveler had not eaten since he stepped a foot inside the studio, so he went over to the snack table and had a pink donut with sprinkles on it and a OJ, the pulp kind, as it was freshly squeezed by one of the assistants. Lucky for him, it’s the only kind he drinks since the “pulp-free” OJ reminds him of hotels which gives him this impersonal feeling that he is traveling away from home.

The actors wore suits only on the upper part of their bodies and shorts or jeans on the bottom. They sat behind desks, behind a camera to give an official serious look but all he could see were their ridiculously white teeth and spray on tans. Our traveler has that ability to take on anything he sees, so he has to be careful to not adopt these weird masks behind which people hide their insecurities, so discrimination comes in quite handy.

The music starts, only to serve as a cue to the talking heads, and they begin reading off a screen of words feeding them. Avi is bored with most of the emotionless words they are reciting. Until he notices one of the story triggers the newscaster into an emotion.

Too busy paying attention to the attention-less attitude of the newscaster avi wasn’t listening to what the topic was about. Avi begins asking around if they can go back to that topic and everyone begins brushing him off and asking him how he got into the studio.

Then Avi remembers his friend Dora briefly told him they use satellites to transmit the data to and from the studio. Avi also remembered the ability to teleport from a character he met in japan on of a skyscraper roof, hiro? Was maybe his name? Anyhow this with Avi’s natural ability to breath without oxygen, he held his “breath” to teleport to this studio’s satellite in outer space.

Sort of floating from here to there, Avi accidentally gained so much momentum he began surfing through space, the satellite his surfboard. Amused by his new toy, what seemed like 50 seconds was 1 year in human time. Avi didn’t forget however about the segment he wanted to re-run so he told the satellite to broadcast in 5 minutes – giving him enough time to land back on earth, find a tv and have 4 minutes to get distracted before it aired. On take-off, he jammed his middle finger and it started bleeding….yes in outer space.

Well, precisely when Avi landed back on earth, a solar flare took out all of the satellites except the one he had moved. And in 5 minutes from leaving his surfboard satellite, all tv’s defaulted to this last satellite and broadcasted the very segment he wanted to see.

The segment was an interview with some famous expert scientist talking about potential solar flares destroying our satellites and thereby disfunctioning our devices, like Blackberrys and GPS. This obviously triggered the newscasters arrogance and everyone saw how something that sounded so absurd to the world a year ago was sort of like an innocent “I told you so” when it happened. The world was never again the same. And Avi, was disenchanted with the news, and began walking away and someone stopped him and asked if he needed help with his finger and he said thank you but I have healing master.


A walk in the desert is hot and dry, but Avi seemed to do just fine. He trotted along cheerily, his brown boots left large ridged tracks behind him, and he whistled an upbeat tune. As he trudged up a particularly steep sand dune, he thought about equations. Not so much as thought of, as thought up. He enjoyed a challenge, picking random numbers, pairing, coming up with a question. The answers did not matter as much as the question. He was on his fourth equation when he found a large obsidian rock at the top of the dune. Placing his hand on the rock, he waited until the area around his hand started to glow green. After 30 seconds, a space in the sand opened up, revealing a……(you pick)……. He carefully turned the knob three clicks to the left, then eight to the right, then another eight to the left. A large pop rang out. He gingerly lifted the top up, and peered inside. A small gray box with a red switch was inside. Avi put it in his pocket, closed the safe, and pulled out a green square, about six inches in length and width. He put the tips of his fingers in the middle, then pushed outwards in either direction, doubling the size, after two enlargements, he set it on the ground and stepped in it, making sure his feet were all the way in it. Avi then pulled out his phone, and pressed a green button on the side. A whir of blue light circled around his whole body, then with a bing! Avi, the green square, and the small gray box disappeared.

In the year 2004, there was a factory. It produced exotic fruit hybrids, like grapples, and prearranges. Underneath the factory, there was a large biotech lab, creating the largest nuclear bomb the world has ever or will ever see. The scientists were hard at work, when they heard a bing! They all looked up, seeing who arrived, or who’s hand slipped while working. Seeing nothing, they all hunched over, back to work. A tall man sidestepped from behind a stone column. He hiked up his cargo shorts, and tiptoed over to the coatrack. He grabbed a lab coat and a blank chart, straightened his back, and marched down the aisle full of toxic excess. He examined it for a while, counting and estimating, then he went and grabbed a large cart. He loaded all the toxic excess onto it, then proceeded to push it down to the middle of the vast room.

As Avi strolled down, the scientist looked up. As soon as he reached the middle, he smartly turned around.
“Back to work gentlemen.”He cried out. looked at the large glass tube in front of him, which contained all the information and prototypes to the nuclear bomb. He flagged down a supervisor.
“Excuse me, I need to put these in there.”Said Avi.

The supervisor looked at him doubtfully.

Peering at his name tag, Avi asked, “Is there a problem…..Dave?”

“Do you have clearance to do that?” The supervisor had a gruff voice, which perfectly matched his ruddy complexion.

“Do I look like I don’t have clearance?” He asked with a superior air.

“Your wearing a safari hat and a shirt with sunflowers.”

“Yes, I think the yellow brings out my hair.” He looked at the Dave, who was reaching for his walkie talkie. “I’m kidding!” He said quickly. Then, “I actually left my ID at my apartment, could you open the door for me please?”

Dave looked at Avi with uncertainty.

“Look, I don’t want to be down here as much as anyone, but if I don’t deposit these, I lose my job.” He smiled winningly.

“Oh all right.” Dave opened the door.

Avi took the parcels of toxic excess and put them all around all the Info and prototypes. He stepped away from the door. “Thanks Dave!” He said cheerily. He half skipped, half jogged, back down the aisle. When he reached the elevator, he looked around until he found a fire alarm. He took a breath, then pulled it. All the busy scientist stood up and ran for the elevators. Joining them, Avi was packed into an elevator with at least fifteen men and women. When they to the top, they all exited through the factory doors. Avi walked over behind a van, and took the gray box with the switch for his pocket. He thought back to the waste, threading them all together, with the explosive rope. He shut his eyes tight, and flicked the switch up. A huge BOOM! Rang out. The factory collapsed in on itself, like it was sucked back into the ground. Avi took out his green square, enlarged it, and stepped onto it. He pulled out his phone, and sent his fellow councilmen a text that read:

Hey Guys and Gals,
Just blew up the factory, JJJ is safe………………. is an uber creepy planet! C U soon! 😛

Grinning at his signature, he put his phone back in his pocket. He glanced around him. Too bad earth won’t ever see …………… He thought to himself. Then, he sent a telepathic wave to the planet ……………… leader, to transfer …….. to another galaxy. Far away from Earth. He chuckled to himself, then pulled out his phone again, and pressed the green button. As he was transported,……………. began to move, increasing speed, soon, until it was barely a dot. Avi was ready for his next adventure.


Once upon a time Avi spent his life in a small village and earned his money as a blacksmith, when a knight needed Avi’s service for his horse. The knight was on his way to a kingdom in a faraway country and the horseshoe was broken. When the work was done Avi asked the knight if he could come with him. The knight talked down to Avi not only because he was sitting high on his horse: ‘Poor blacksmith this is nothing for you. I am on a mission to conquer the greatest demon in the world.’

Curious and brave as Avi was he thought: ‘this is exactly something for me’ and always knowing how he could get whatever he wanted, he appealed to the knight’s pride. Offering a deep bow and lifting an imaginary hat he said: ‘A knight as important as you should have a helper like me. You really need me to do the things that are below your dignity’.

Completely convinced the knight and Avi left the village together and throughout their journey Avi got all the information about the demon. The kingdom was a beautiful country in between huge mountains and all the people lived in peace and harmony up to this one moment when the demon appeared. The demon showed up in the night with a big storm and roll of thunder and since this day he was drwowning the land in darkness – always a few hours before sunset. Every morning everything was as if nothing had happened – but everything changed – the people were living in fear now.

The knight planned his arrival during daytime – but with Avi as a companion things never happen as planned and so they entered the village at exactly the time when the land was slowly devoured by a darkness so huge and frightening that the knight escaped with a big scream. Avi who was walking next to the horse watched the knight riding away as if the devil was after him. Not in the least surprised by the knight’s action he was thinking: ‘Wow!!! This is an impressive shadow and it must come from the mountain’. In fever of excitement he climbed up the hill and when he almost attained the top he saw the so-called demon and started to laugh. The demon was a big landslide that had left the biggest pile of debris Avi ever saw in his whole life and the roll of thunder was the noise of this huge avalanche. It also explained why darkness only appeared in the afternoon: when the shadows are the longest they extended over the narrow valley and left the land in darkness. Avi was dying to tell all the people about the greatest demon in the world: The fear that kills curiosity and peace of mind.


On a wonderful summer day Avi was laying in a meadow and looked into the sky. He was chilling and enjoying himself completely by doing just what he was doing: chilling.

Suddenly a big „WOOOOOOW“ jumped out of his mouth and his eyes opened in wide astonishment because he saw huge rainbow in the sky. Of course technically this was not the first time he ever saw a rainbow in his life – but in Avi’s magical world everything always is new and a big adventure at the same time. Chilling was immediately over and he jumped up ready for a new experience by hearing himself thinking: ‘I want to find the end of the rainbow’.

Without a single doubt if this was even possible or not he started his journey to the end of the rainbow. After his first step a sound sweet like a whispering ‘OM’ got his attention and he saw the creator of this lovely singing voice, a hummingbird radiating a wild display of colors. ‘Whoa!,’ he thought, ‘Isn’t it funny that science tells us it is theoretically not possible for a hummingbird to fly because of their build – so now I see something that can’t be!’

He started to laugh about his own thought – greatly enjoying his own company: ‘Oh thank you hummingbird for his great teaching! I will follow your example and fly to the end of the rainbow!’ Totally believing in miracles and that everything is possible he looked up to the rainbow in the sky and the rainbow was gone. He was surprised as he could be. ‘This was fast!! Mission accomplished – this is the end of the rainbow!’
And doubling over with laughter he flew into the sky……


Avi had just returned from the amazon and had some time to contemplate his adventure. But before he could do that, he wanted to insure he was prepared for his next distraction/adventure without hesitation! So he made sure his dog was happy and pretended to make sure his home was in ship-shape because playing to live like a householder was a guilty pleasure adventure to him.

In his home there was one room Avi had never entered before. While he was making his rounds, he noticed the door to this room was jammed open! It was so dark in there he couldn’t see what was going on, so he reached in and pulled out a familiar item of his. It was the sock he used as a parachute when he went air-borne in Bora Bora 4 years ago. To his surprise he realized, he had discovered the laundry room, which, over the years, had accumulated mountains of dirty laundry. Of course he has never had any cause to enter this room, because he always used the little door upstairs to throw the soiled garments into a chute leading straight down to the home of washer and dryer.

Intrigued by his discovery he magically removed the door and the tsunami of items spilling into the hallway left Avi up to his neck in clothes n stuff! In midst of these items where some ancient artifacts he forgot to take out of his pockets, like a gold coin from the queen of England, a baseball from the 19xx World Series, rare Lego constructions and a crystal ball, just to name a few. Avi was literally in over his head when the crystal ball lit up and illuminated a laundry service phone number. As soon as Avi looked at the number, an iPhone began to ring with repetitious tri-tones to be used by Avi so he could make the call. He made an appointment with he laundry service for pick-up the next day.

During the wait Avi, didn’t move and remained fascinated by his treasures while simultaneously meditating by effect of his excitement. When the laundry agent showed up, he judged Avi for being so seemingly irresponsible and mistakenly generous to let a perfect stranger handle his expensive belongings and took them all without any signature or payment from Avi. In his confidence Avi wished the agent a good time and it was already 2 weeks later when Avi realized his laundry was still not back. He called the agent but the laundry service phone line was disconnected. Avi was sure he misdialed and used a special phone an acquaintance gave him that had infinite calling capabilities including a 100% connect rate without touch tone. Sure enough, with the help of this special phone, Avi got the agent on the line. The agent gasped and instantly defended himself out of guilt. Well, Avi couldn’t hear any of his ranting and just said, I have more laundry! The agent, or rather laundry thief, was perplexed. Avi in his curiosity asked if he was going to come collect his laundry. The thief really thought this guy was setting him up or just really mistaken about was this service is, or maybe he wasn’t aware he had been robbed. Either way, Avi’s passion to get his new batch of dirty laundry cleaned really made the thief confused…and afraid. The thief thought he’d ask Avi if he was aware that his first order had not been returned yet, and Avi said,” yes, and I got new clothes and now they are dirty and need to be washed! So I thought I’d give you a head start!”

The thief couldn’t believe it! He thought he hit the goldmine! So when the thief showed up, he asked Avi where he got all his rare items from. Avi answered: “well the clothes all start off the same, and as I travel they change to whatever is needed based upon environment or people, and then they stay that way at the end of the day. And as to the items, I borrow them from their owners, like that 9 foot club you took the other day. It’s from the terrible sasquatch I met a few years back. He will come looking for whoever has his property so I am thankful it is out of that untraceable laundry pile I had!” The thief gulped in fear and rushed back to his hideout to immediately return the stolen items only to find a mafia member at his front door, looking for his billiard table and the last thing the laundry thief heard before he got knocked out with a 9 foot club was, “Louie G wants dem property back now ya hear!?”


On a wonderful summer day Avi was laying in a meadow and looked up into the sky. Suddenly a big question formed in his mind ‘Who am I?’ he wondered. Curious about himself he jumped up to immediately go on a journey to find the answer.

He came to a village and saw a midget and without wasting any time on any form of introduction he asked: ‘Do you know who I am?’

The midget looked up to him and said: ‘Sure I do, you are a very big person!’

Avi thanked him and walked away. After a day of walking he came into another village where he met a giant and again asked his question. ‘Do you know who I am?’, straining his voice just a little to make sure it reached all the way up to the giant’s ears.

The giant looked down to him and said ‘Sure I do, you are a very little person and be better off to get out of my way before I step on you.’

Avi took the giant’s advice and moved on with his quest. In no particular order Avi met a kid and the answer he got was ‘You are an old person’, a grandfather said ‘You are a young person’, a fool said ‘You are a wise person’, an expert said ‘You are a stupid person’, an ugly monster said admiringly ‘You are a beautiful person’, however, a beauty queen wrinkled her nose in disgust and said ‘You are an ugly person’. A robber told him ‘You are an honest person’, whereas a priest scolded him ‘You are a sinner’, a beggar said ‘You are a rich person’ and a man who had just won the jackpot of the lottery said ‘You are a poor person’ and on and on it went.

‘This is exciting!!’ Avi thought, far from being shocked about all these contradicting answers. He was in fact totally thankful and satisfied with his mission complete. ‘I know now who I am,’ he told his little dog friend back in his meadow, ‘I am EVERYTHING and NOTHING at the same time! I am everything others see in me, yet what they see tells something about them and nothing about me. WOOOW!!’ and with this realization Avi decided to simply forget about all that hype and be whoever he wanted to be in any given moment.


On one of his journeys Avi came into a little town. In his world it was a beautiful day – like every day. As always he was curious to get to know the people of this town and when he saw a pregnant women he said “Hi! I am so happy to meet you! Or should I say to meet you both? This must be so exiting to expect a baby!“

The woman stared at him and answered, “What do you know about excitement? What should be exciting about being sick all the time and getting fat and ugly?“

Avi looked at her and said, “Oh I see! This means you are not happy to get a baby“.

The woman was very angry and said, “How dare you! I love my baby and you are a very impolite man and I don’t want to talk with you any longer“ and walked away.

Before Avi could think about her answer a grandpa and his little grandchild caught his attention and happy to meet them he said “Hi! You must be a very lucky grandpa to have a grandchild!“

The man looked at him and asked, “What do you know about happiness? I wanted a grandchild ten years ago. So yes ten years ago I would have been very happy and now I am disappointed that this did not happen earlier“.

Avi responded, “Oh I see! This means you are not thankful for your grandchild now“.

The man got very upset. “How dare you! I love my grandchild and you are a very impolite man and I don’t want to talk with you any longer“.

Before Avi could think about this answer he saw a young man playing ball with his son. “Hi! What a fun thing to do to play with your son!“

The man answered, “What do you know about fun? I am totally stressed because I really need to finish my work instead of playing with my son.“

Avi answered, “Oh I see! This means you waste your time by playing with your son.“

The man got read in the face and yelled, “How dare you! I love my son and you are a very impolite person and I don’t want to talk with you any longer.“

Avi thought “WOW! This is funny! I am impolite by repeating their truth when this really has nothing to do with me at all! My truth is completely different! Love to me means to be exited and full of gratitude for what is in my life right now and having fun doing what I do.“ And before he could think twice about his own thoughts he heard a bird singing its little heart out and was grateful for this bird to have the good sense to enjoy a beautiful day in a beautiful world.


Once upon a time Avi heard the message that a king in a foreign country decided to marry his daughter to the man with the greatest courage. For this reason the king invited all the interested men to show their braveness. Avi thought, “Wow, this sounds like a big adventure,“ and visited the kingdom. When he arrived at the castle he had to stand in a long line to wait his turn and so he listened to all the stories of courage told or witnessed all the acts of bravery shown to the king. A knight told of his victory over a dragon and proved this by giving the king an enormous claw. A circus artist put his head into the mouth of a big lion. A fighter battled against 100 men at the same time and won. A hero jumped blindfolded from the top window of a tower into the moat around the castle. And so on and so on.

Finally Avi was next. He stood in front of the king and said, “I am always myself and say and do what I think.“ The king laughed at him. “Hahaha and this should be brave? Hahaha show me! Hahaha!“ Avi also laughed. “Oh this is easy. First of all I will do nothing to impress you or to show my braveness. For me everyone is special and there is no need to prove it. And second I think you are a very bad and cruel father to give your beloved and beautiful daughter to a man she does not love. Also I think you are a very stupid king not to see that wisdom and kindness would be more important for a future king than braveness. And last but not least I wish for your daughter that she will win this competition of braveness by not marrying a man she does not love.“ And with a big smile on his face to the speechless king Avi disappeared.



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About The Journeys of John and Julia

Secretly guided by a magical collective of superbeings called The Twenty-Two, a pair of teens crack open the door to another reality—and unwittingly awaken the sleeping beast of their nemesis-to-be, the beyond evil Niem Vidalgo Oten.

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Perfect for children age 10 and up, for teens, and for adults of all ages. There is no violence in this book, and there are many profound life lessons for kids, adults, and parents.

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