Oten’s Minions

CONSTELLATO: A half-synthetic, half genetically engineered AI minion, Constellato is one of Oten’s most valuable assets. He has the ability to download and upload satellite signal, wifi, and radio waves with the power of his million-dollar brain. Future books in the JJJ series will reveal more about Constellato’s powers, including his ability to manipulate telephone calls: As every call made is recorded, he has access to the library of voices to use anybodyʼs voice with his own words. He can also call anyone from any number he wants them to see.

In the same way he manipulates computers – on the screen will appear whatever he wants, even if the computer itself is turned off. Because the human brain is a transmitter/receiver of radio waves, he easily taps into peopleʼs awareness, deducts their brainsʼ capacity for comprehension, and so extracts their reflecting worldview of “reality.” With that information he typifies political, geographical, intellectual, and social groupings to better control their expectations, requirements, and styles of expression, which Oten then uses to influence relationships and social roles.

His order is to keep human interaction to a mind-numbing minimum. His nemesis is the vibration of love, which he cannot tap into.

Some of Constellatoʼs minions, whom we will meet in future installments of the JJJ series, are: Two-Faced, Fairweathered,
 Oppor T.,
 White Noise.

Stay tuned for more of Oten’s minions in future chapters of THE JOURNEYS OF JOHN AND JULIA.


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About The Journeys of John and Julia

Secretly guided by a magical collective of superbeings called The Twenty-Two, a pair of teens crack open the door to another reality—and unwittingly awaken the sleeping beast of their nemesis-to-be, the beyond evil Niem Vidalgo Oten.

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Perfect for children age 10 and up, for teens, and for adults of all ages. There is no violence in this book, and there are many profound life lessons for kids, adults, and parents.

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