The Twenty-Two

THE TWENTY-TWO COLLECTIVE have magical powers that range from conjuring images of Juliaʼs dead grandfather to slipping between time and space.

THEODORE CLIFFTON, aka AVI THE ADVENTURER (one of The Twenty-Two): is a quick-minded explorer full of childlike wonder. He brings Julia to the attention of The Twenty-Two.

DOCTOR CHESTER MAGNUSSEN, aka MAC (one of The Twenty-Two): wields a galaxy wand that contains a condensed version of the universe.

MIRRA PRESTESSI, aka MaDame (one of The Twenty-Two): owns a strange book that chronicles every truth there is, was, and ever will be.

REGINA GREEN (one of The Twenty-Two): Hypnotically beautiful, Regina uses exhalations of her rose-scented breath to induce reality shifts.

The dark night air behind the amphitheater became alive, quivered, warped, wobbled, emanated a strange hissing sound – all in astonishing disregard for the laws of physics. To the uninitiated however, it was no more than the wind in the trees. You had to strain your eyes really hard to notice the conference room emerging out of the empty space between the amphitheater and the bordering trees.
HERR KAISER, aka WILHELM (one of The Twenty-Two): strives to impose order and adherence to the rules in all the workings of The Twenty-Two. His thunderous voice and authoritative manner can be quite intimidating.

DORA BELL, aka COUNSELOR (one of The Twenty-Two): is known for her elaborate, three-tier hairstyle kept in place by golden and silver hairpins with dangling three-leaflet ornaments that jingle whenever she moves.

HELENA and BRIAN LIEBERMANN, aka SIAMESE TWINS (one of The Twenty-Two, though they are a couple!): are inseparable and have been together forever.

VICTOR WAGNER (one of The Twenty-Two): is an extremely good looking, well-spoken young man who is at your service to drive you wherever you need to go.

LEONA STRONG (one of The Twenty-Two): is accompanied everywhere by her pet lion Senghe.

MONI LUNALUNA, aka LUNA (one of The Twenty-Two): is a round-faced woman with short silver-blond hair and a shimmering complexion who seems to be losing and gaining substantial amounts of weight in a matter of minutes.


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About The Journeys of John and Julia

Secretly guided by a magical collective of superbeings called The Twenty-Two, a pair of teens crack open the door to another reality—and unwittingly awaken the sleeping beast of their nemesis-to-be, the beyond evil Niem Vidalgo Oten.

Parents, Teachers and Librarians

Perfect for children age 10 and up, for teens, and for adults of all ages. There is no violence in this book, and there are many profound life lessons for kids, adults, and parents.

Notes From The Twenty-Two